Photography by Julie Blackmon

    Julie Blackmon

    Julie Blackmon is a photographer who lives and works in Missouri. Blackmon’s photographs are inspired by her experience of growing up in a large family, her current role as both mother and photographer, and the timelessness of family dynamics. As the oldest of nine children and mother to three, Blackmon uses her own family members and household to "move beyond the documentary to explore the fantastic elements of our everyday lives.
    Blackmon studied art at Missouri State University where she became interested in photography and the work of photographers such as Sally Mann and Keith Carter. Drawing extensively on her personal experiences and relationships, Blackmon adds an element of humor and fantasy to create works that touch on both the everyday and the fictitious.
    Julie Blackmon began exhibiting in 2004, and has since established a successful career with her unique and recognizable style. She has been honored with numerous awards, including first prize from Center (formally The Santa Fe Center for Photography) in the Project Competition and was included in PDN’s 30 New and Emerging Photographers for 2007. Julie has work in the collections of several major museums, including Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, and Portland Art Museum, Portland. Her images blend fiction and auto-biography, reflecting contemporary family life and the timeless experience of growing up in a large household. Using elements of documentary photography, she creates a space where the fantastic and chaotic qualities of everyday life come to the forefront.
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