Cuter Than Cute: Paul & Joe's Kitty-Shaped Lipstick Collection

    The cutest lipstick we've ever seen—Paul & Joe's fall 2010 collection—launches August 1 in the UK and Japan. The neutral-pinky colors, from left: Moon Shadow 068, Over the Moon 067, and Clair de Lune 066, will be priced at £16 each.
    Update: A commenter says that these cutesy-poo lipsticks are already available atBergdorf Goodman—we don't see them online, which means you can get them in store or call the store (on 212-753-7300) to order.
    · Paul & Joe Clair de Lune [Rouge Deluxe]

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A Matter Of Taste

    If you haven’t already seen, be sure not to miss the latest book “A Matter Of Taste” by award-winning photographer Fulvio Bonavia
    I’m totally amazed by his clever creations of stylish fashion items using organic materials such as food and flowers.

    Perhaps not the anchovies belt nor the broccoli handbag, but I certainly don’t mind the raspberries clutch purse, veggie bracelets, chocolate truffles earrings and the prosciutto ring.

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Shoes of the WEEK

Discovered: A Qing Dynasty Lacoste Polo?

    A bit of free advice for the billionaires: If that Ming Dynasty vase of yours hits the floor, don’t despair—just send the broken pieces to Li Xiaofeng, who specializes in making art—everything from fire extinguishers to Mao jackets—from early modern (think of it as veryvintage) Chinese porcelain. Li’s handcrafted “clothes” inspired Lacoste to tap the Chinese artist to be the latest designer in its Holiday Collector’s Series, and to create both a fragment-inspired design for sellable polos and one ultra-expensive polo from the fragments themselves. One problem: Last year, China outlawed the export of any item made before 1911, including ceramic shards.

    Undaunted, Li traveled to Jingdezhen, in China’s eastern Jiangxi Province, the historic capital of porcelain and the site of the ancient imperial kilns, where all the ceramics for the imperial family were fired. There he painted and fired his own ceramic bowls—some with the Lacoste crocodile alongside more traditional soldiers contemplating landscapes, orchids, bamboo, chrysanthemums, and plum blossoms—and broke his own handiwork to create pieces free to travel from the Far East back to Paris. The entire process, from painting the bowls to finally linking the 317 pieces, took three months, which makes the porcelain polo (above) the most expensive and exclusive Lacoste shirt to date. The slightly more user-friendly printed polo (below) was created from digital photographs of existing shards—fifteenth and sixteenth-century pieces from the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty, covered with lotus and baby patterns.

    “I began buying shards at the dirt market in Beijing, and I had construction workers take me to sites six meters underground to collect shards,” Li explains of his process. “One day, I had so many I began to think, what can I do with all this? I was inspired by the Han Dynasty burial suit, a ceremonial suit made of jade pieces, and then came the Mao jacket…” Which leads, naturally, to the Lacoste polo.

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L'Oreal Paris Elnett Turns 50

    Launched in 1960, the legendary Elnett hairspray is now 50 and celebrates this very special birthday by recreating the magic of the most emotion-packed scenes of world-famous films in a campaign by Vincent Peters.
    Four star posed for his lens to reinterpret four scenes from great movie classics of the past. Letitia Casta, soft hair tumbling to her shoulders, is Gilda by Charles Vidor (1964), in the footsteps of Rita Hayworth.
    Diane Kruger wears a airy yet structured chignon in keeping with Eva Marie Saint's look in Hitchcock's North by Northwest, a role originally played by Grace Kelly in 1959.
    Frida Pinto has the difficult task of copying the artless, party-loving Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, which Blake Edwards directed in 1961.
    Lastly, Claudia Schiffer, with a high-set chignon or flowing, seductive tresses, is Brigitte Bardot in Jean-Luc Godard's 1963 film, Contempt
    The finishing touch? The same for all: a spray of Elnett.
    Letitia Casta, Claudia Schiffer, Frida Pinto and Diane Kruger, photo courtesy L'OrĂ©al Paris.

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