Lets describe fashion without any colour of enthusiam and charishma around us. it has been bounded within the boundaries of ethnic values or in another word rules and regulations.
    where we miss the begining of it. every start has its own moves with a dark line of coal.But the impression of coal is so dark that the line where it begins , leave the history behind itself.

    WE ALL CAN DESIGN , we all can write , because we all can draw CHARCOAL line which is in your hand as pencil . you just need to use it on plane paper.FASHION industry began with a line drawn by couple of people, which is now become a famous name. AND they also start with also basic step while drawning fabric on drawn sketch.

    And like a birth, Questions start arising "why" , "how" , and " why not". A perfect balance of black and white movement. many of us, start asking question like we all start drawing lines ; the way we want.
    The inevitable blurring of defination always happens with ideas, concept and movements as they grow and these are no exceptions, these are own ideas which completely define by US.Source URL: http://bloomfineart.blogspot.com/2009/08/
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