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    Angus Rowe MacPherson

    Angus Rowe MacPherson was born and raised in the tundra of the Canadian high arctic. At age 11, he built a darkroom - commandeering one of the household bathrooms so that he could print photos of the world around him - and has been taking pictures ever since. He attended the University of Toronto before spending some years in London and Tokyo then settling back in Toronto. There, he worked briefly for a very successful advertising photographer, and quickly set out on his own. Since then, he has been shooting for advertising and entertainment clients, while continuing to work on his artistic photographic projects. Recent projects include a large-scale study of independent wrestlers (shot in Florida, Northern Ontario, Texas, and Kentucky), portraits of Canada’s most prominent drag queens, and highly artificial, stylized explorations of banal daily life. Current projects are top-secret, but may include deer, riots, and an unnecessarily complicated machine.
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