style ur self............. new ensemble with new concept..... RANDOM stuff can make it perfect combination

    AS wonderful as always......... gwen always left mark on every body's mind.....very revolutionary, classic chic expressing her way out to the world..... we all amazed by her ideas of fashion...... she is one them who sets fashion for every body....... she doesn't need need idea for current...... she makes her own color palette and fashion line........ i m biggest fan of hers.......... check out the colors : sky blue, white , hot red, and black........... all bold color makes bold personality together so do not hesitate about color sometimes its all about how you wear them , how u react them. Thats makes fashion............
    " what are you waiting for... go and grab your clothes and create your own style.

    MoniCa singh
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WEIRD and most caraziest shoessssss ever!!!

    I heard that dreaded kitten heels appeared earlier today at Louis Vuitton. But last night at Alexander McQueen, it was still cobbling to the extreme: sculptural shoes with ten-inch heels. The more hooflike ones reminded me slightly of Balenciaga’s intense platform from several seasons ago. I had actually tried those on, and they were quite secure until I tripped on the fashion closet floor and nearly broke my ankle. At McQueen, these were almost literally works of art, some sculpted to look like the fossils of ancient yet alien sea creatures. Others had a cool, old-school robotic thing happening with pieces of metal screwed together. They’re amazing to look at, but would you buy them to wear or display in your living room?
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    TODAY's style mantra..... geeky can be hot sometime, all we need to co-ordinate with sum stylish cloths.Fashion can also change dimension in our life by having normal clothes in our closet, All we need to grab den and enhance them with some attractive jewelery along with it.Fashion is not always means pretty clothes, It can simple as you are..... But you cans tyle them in your way. So that it makes your fashion tips for todays market.

    PASTEL colours can highlighten by giving dull shades of pants and geeky glasses....... YES!!! dats in the market these days. You are Geeky or not but there GLASSES ROCKS!!!

    Style for non fashionable people.

    MoniCa singh
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What role does fashion play in today's world???

    Fashion is not just a word in a dictionary . It doesn't have meaning. There are anormous meanings lies in this world of fashion.We define fashion in our own words?? But actually fashion defines us.It comes from within ,but spread to the society.
    I have been reading/studying so many fashion magazines or fashion journals and other sources too.they all have amazing variety of fashion , fashion which blown you away. fashion that may hypnotise you totally to be a part of it.All known designer ensembles and mix up of all with concept. those are so tempting to your eyes..........
    expensive dresses can make your personality outrageous or U can create your own outstanding style ......which all famous magazine kept in there book and said style mantra for todays life.That is actually not fashion becoause oonly few people can actually afford them to be like a fashion person. But how about common person can be into fashion. WE all deserve to be trendy and fasshionable . we all wants to wear lastest clothes.
    We are ionto fashion or NOT..... but somewhere inside we all want to be part of fashion society.We all buy our own fashion stuff according to limits of our pockets. We all love FASHION some how. What ever we buy all we need few words of apprciation , few compliment. Which makes our simplest clothes turn out to be desinger outfit.100 $ dress change into 1000$ dress.From that very moment we realise deep inside our mind , heart and soul.

    "Fashion does play bigger role in this world today's life"

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My opinion!!! about fashion industry

    “BLING” helps to sell in the market…… this fake glamorous society.Among us there are very few percentage of population who buys fashion clothes, but they dont have ne idea about fashion ….lets just say they dont know a letter “F”.But yes they are successful and rich to buy such clothes which might be lousy creation. They actually distribute the fashion around.Recently happened india couture fashion week in Mumbai been glamorize through glamorous movie stars. We all run behind the name and fame. So, every body is trying to get the same thing. May be its lousy or **** But its fashion for other people. ” whom successful designer called clients. Does any body ever thought about the fact, whose actual mind is behind the actual creation …whose need lill part of fame which is non existed in the glmozone world. People are(celebrity) so called are blind. they don’t have brain…… they think what is on the ramp is the best …….. (who is showcasing) but actually among the crowd who sits in the crowd at the back is might an actual creator. BIG established desinger has contact has Client …which they dont have. M talkign about on behalf of YOUNG DESIGNER…….. Its a cycle which goes round n round….. and every one has been through this cycle so we’ll do. And Getting applause is not the winning crown……… BUT media who helps them to have that crown. So i think media should know what is going to print or what is not……… They should not run behind the name…. they should use their brain.!!!!Source URL:
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    What to talk about ????

    GReen is so going to in fashion again Not just becoz of its a different colour.Its a fresh arrival in our wardrobe....... smooth and fresh for our eyes..... Recycling all our environmental product to decor our house .... so why not make ourself new look form an exciting cloths.....
    Good in recession time........... easily found with in our heart..... instead for plantation for greenry Be green!!!!

    GO GREEN lill more longer

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Applause for what???? indian fashion industry

    Often, I get the feeling while being at some of the fashion shows that getting applause from the audience can be a trying task for some of our fashion designers.

    In fact, by now, after being a fashion writer for close to two decades, I have segregated the fashion designers in four categories.

    1. Those who receive applause for their creativity.

    2. Those who receive the same through prompting the applause (by their own friends and design team mostly).

    3. Applause through extensive use of bling, and,

    4. Bollywood stars on the runway receiving the applause on behalf of those who put them there.

    Unfortunately, in India the first category is virtually non-existent. There are only a handful of designers who receive a loud applause for what they showcased on the fashion runway. At fashion weeks, there was a time when I used to go back home not very happy each night after the last show. The so-called stalwarts of the industry always came out with collections that had no substance and received loud applauses for the same from the ignorant audience who only knew them for their name printed on newspapers. Some of them still ride in the glory of their past where they had no competitions from young designers with creative minds that we have today. They still get the prime slots at fashion weeks to present the same rubbish they always present. There are exceptions to this too, but only a few. Younger lots who are now coming up are the ones who receive applause for their creativity now. They neither have the money nor contacts with the so-called celebrities. Even if they had, I doubt whether they will resort to the same tactics that their seniors in the industry resort to.

    Often I hear applause coming from some corner of the show area that prompts rest of the crowd to follow. Whenever I look that side, I see a bunch of people standing there and deliberately prompting the rest to applaud a collection not even worth mopping your car with. I have a feeling this is a tactic used by the fashion designer who preempts his/her failure to impress the audience with his/her creations. I have always found this ingenious technique quite fascinating and lowered my head in shame.

    Then there are those who know what the audience wants. In certain shows, they use jarring gold and silver all over the surface of their creations that receive immediate applause. It doesn’t matter if you end up looking like a Christmas tree, the loud applause will ensure that the designer is someone successful. These are those designers who can even cut to save their lives. But what the heck, applause is what makes or breaks a designer at fashion shows. Bling really makes them, even as it breaks your heart!

    Of course, the best of the worst comes with contacts that make the crowd move in frenetic pace towards the show area. No matter what, they don’t want to miss this particular show. Why? Well. A-list Bollywood stars are walking the runway for this designer. It’s really sad that actors get on to the runway to save the career of a fashion designer. In a way, one shouldn’t blame the designer. The blame really should go to the media. If an actor is on the runway, even the most conservative newspaper put the photo in the paper. And that exactly is what the designer is looking for. I feel totally disappointed when I some of these actors, accomplished ones, I may add, appears in newspapers for what they are worth and not for the designer’s creativity. As for the packed halls, well the reason is rather obvious… the crowd come to see the stars and not the lousy creations they are wearing. But the designer is a happy as he hears the thunderous applause when comes to take the bow.

    I just got back from the HDIL India Couture Week in Mumbai. I must confess, my ears are still blocked hearing the applause from the audience. You are right, the applause really was for the actors and I am sure they loved it too. After all, how in the world can they hear the applause when the audience is hooting and cheering while watching their latest flick in a movie hall?

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