Sex And The City. Fashion season.

    Forget about the subject! Four gorgeous ladies are together again! Carry Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes and Sharlotta Jork are on the air again with their earth-shattering and unsurpassed attires. (click the images to enlarge)

    Sarah Jessica Parker shows master of style Patricia Field's hand-made attire. Green fabric suits her so much!

    Sarah Jessica Parker runs down the Manhattan street dressed in wedding dress from Vivienne Westwood and bridal veil decorated with green feathers.

    Sarah Jessica Parker shows dark side of the "Sex and the city" heroine. Bright jacket and high heels are so fashion today.

    Sarah Jessica Parker dressed in black with caring "Vogue". She writes for this magazine from time to time.

    Carry Bradshaw is a brunette again. A little bit strange attire she wears. But who said a strange dress is not in fashion?

    Kristin Davis demonstrate—č gorgeous dress from Zac Posen against a background of chic limousine.

    Kristin Davis sitting in the Bryant Park showing her flawless locks in Sharlotta Jork's style.

    Cynthia Nixon's red hair looks nice with blue dress from Zac Posen. And this attire suits her very much!

    Kim Cattrall is dressed in Me Decade and in high silvery heels. Yellow and black is very modern combination!

    Carry is the one who can experiment with ther wear like Samantha Jones with her men.Source URL:
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10 the most fashionable swimsuits of this season.

    Women of all size and ages are fascinated by the thought of swimming, enjoying their summer in a swimsuit in waters. Swimsuits of varying designs, designers and styles are available in shops. Most young women take utmost care while shopping for their swimsuits. In a swimwear your body shape and curves are well shown. When you wear a correct fitting swimwear you will look slimmer even if you have extra pounds.... read the full article and see the gallery HERE
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The most fashionable dresses of spring-summer 2008. Origami.

Modern News. In black and white.

    in black and white
    "In black and white" is a modern trend for polysemantic persons. You have to be very bold to "wear" dark eyebrows being a blonde. Visagiste comment on this very carefully, so do we.

    Kimberley Stewart doesn't afraid of anything. Her style of glamour hooligan is very encouraging.

    Lindsay Lohan is just 21 and we can forgive her those little pranks. But don't do it after her, it can damage your image.

    Agyness Deyn is a founder of this style. Her hair is clarified and her eyebrows are darken. Is she angel or devil? We don't know.

    Scarlett Johansson is gorgeous. She has such a beautiful smile that her dark eyebrows don't even spoil her.

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