Celebrity Photography by Patrick Hoelck

    Patrick Hoelck

    Patrick Hoelck is an American filmmaker and photographer based in Los Angeles and New York City. Aside from directing several mainstream music videos and television commercials, he is more widely known for his photographic work, specializing in celebrity advertisement and fine art. Patrick is popularly known for his unique artistic style, capturing dramatic portraits of celebrities, athletes, and models alike.
    Patrick Brian Hoelck was born September 7, 1968 in Santa Monica, California. Patrick was adopted at birth by Lee and Margerett Hoelck, and was raised with one sister, Maureen Hoelck. His birth parents are Jim and Shela Curry of New York City. He has since met the Curry family, who axially named him James Curry the second. The Curry family has five boys and one girl, with Patrick being the eldest son.

    Patrick’s career began at the young age of sixteen as a music video director in New York City, and later in Los Angeles. Patrick’s self-published photography book, "Tar", was the catalyst for his late-career emergence as a professional photographer. "Tar" consists of several personal short stories and prose entries about Patrick’s early days living in New York City, and his experiences as a drug addict and self-abuser. An early break came for Patrick when close friend and artist, Vincent Gallo, specially requested Patrick over the late Richard Avedon for the cover of British magazine, "Flux". Later Patrick produced "Cigarettes and Coffee" for Paul Thomas Anderson.

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