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    And here it is, the first view of the newest Urban Decay Book of Shadows inspired by New York city. And just in case you thought nothing could be as good as Alice, this one lights up! It's full of quirky characters and detail such as the NY Coffee Guy and a Soho Fashionista, walking amidst LED-lit landmarks like the Empire State and Statue of Liberty. It's not out til September though so plenty of time to save the £30 it will cost from Debenhams.

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Fashion is not just for Human Anymore.... Its Apparently CATS !!!

    Seeing Fashion Cats, the new book by Takako Iwasa got us wondering—who is this woman and what's up with her cats' amazing outfits? Turns out Iwasa is rather well-known among the cat-munity in Tokyo for her spectacular kitty tailoring—some pieces of which can be bought from her site
    But how does she get her own cats, Prin and Koutaro to put up with her fashion aspirations for them? After all, felines are notoriously fickle, especially on sartorial issues.

    "First, dress her up," instructs Iwasa-san, as she is known in Japan, to her website visitors. "Cheer or yell. Do whatever you like to enjoy the moment with your family.
 Second, after you are enough with your joy, take a photo!
 And third, remove her clothes and give her a hug, say 'Thank you!'

    Prin, for the most part, seems used to it. "'Costumes for dogs have been popular for 20 years,' Iwasa told Global Post.

     'But we didn't have costumes for cats because we believed cats groom themselves and don't like to wear clothes. But, I met my cat, Prin, and suddenly thought, ' I want to dress her up!''
    These days, Prin and Koutara are fashion chameleons—they dress like businesspeople, frogs, other cats, bunnies, Hogwarts students, Victorian school marms, Parisian ladies, you name it. "Without costumes, Prin is just an ordinary cat. But if she wears costumes, she becomes an alien from another planet," Iwasa says. Purr-fect.

    · Cat fancy: American Girl meets Hello, Kitty [Global Post]
    The tailor of a cat, Cat Prin [Pet Office]
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A Different Kind Of Fendi Bag

    Ilaria Venturini Fendi honed her design skills at her family label’s accessories division, but when she founded her own line, Carmina Campus, she looked farther afield than Rome—her label has been dedicated since its founding to sustaining artisan crafts in Africa, which she combines with recycled materials from Italy for her bags. (Carmina Campus is an entirely separate company from Fendi, which is owned by LVMH, but Ilaria is Fendi accessories designer Silvia Venturini Fendi’s sister.) During AltaModa, Rome’s haute couture week, Venturini Fendi unveiled two new projects with the International Trade Centre, a U.N. and WTO organization that works with marginalized communities in Africa to secure production contracts with brands, at her shop, Ref(u)se.

    For a collection she calls A Journey Through Dumpsters, Venturini Fendi uses black plastic garbage bags, doubled and reinforced for a glossy, slick look; the recycled sacks, she says, take on a vintage look, “like old skins.” (The original idea came to her while touring dumpsites in Kenya and Uganda, where marginalized workers make a living sifting through trash for recyclable materials.) She also worked with ITC production groups for Carmina Campus’ first entirely African-made bags, using recycled safari tents and canvas from refugee huts. And she’s relaunched the collection’s Dragon bags, with intricate patchwork panels made from fabric scraps from kangas and shukas, the traditional drapes worn by Masai warriors.

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