Portrait Photography by Alexey Nikishin

    Alexey Nikishin

    Alexey Nikishin was born in 1976 in Moscow. Having finished with distinction university, long time works in the field of Advertising and the Internet. In 2000 left work in the field of design to devote himself to the Photo. Starting to remove the portraits, the bared nature, a fashion, a genre, studies works of world masters of a photo. Constantly being improved, Alexey concentrates on one direction - the Portrait. The Portrait carries away it most of all the depth and ambiguity.

    Already at the beginning of the creative career of the photographer Alexey receives some prestigious international awards:" Photograph Of The Year / Merid Of Exelence "on" 2nd Annual Photography Masters Cup / International Color Awards. 2007 "," Outstanding Archievement "on" 2nd Annual Photography Masters Cup / International Color Awards. 2007 "," Gold Medal / Grand Award Winner "on" Trierenberg Super Circuit. 2006" and the certificate "Who Is Who" for merits in the field of Art.

    In 2007 Alexey starts to remove in Russia the first large photoproject" In the ROLE of ", inviting to participate in it of rock music stars, and behind that and actors. Shooting behind shooting throughout several years. Author’s style recognised now is at that time formed and there are first photos of a series about which will write then all Russian magazines and newspapers. Absolutely uncharacteristic for the Russian luster black-and-white images of Stars blindly, sincere emotions, strong characters and it is perfect without usual to general public of a lustre. All it looks as a call of the Russian journal photo. So on light there are the first "psychological portraits" (true portrait) the Russian stars.
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