Horror Photography by Joshua Hoffine

    Joshua Hoffine

    Joshua Hoffine was born in Emporia Kansas in 1973. He graduated from KSU in 1995 with a degree in English Literature and moved to Kansas City where he started taking photographs shortly afterwards. Early in his career, before making Horror the principal subject of his photography, he worked for Hallmark Cards and ran a wedding photography business. Funny, but true.

    The Photographs shoot by Joshua Hoffine have been quite successful in visualizing the nightmares of the childhood vividly. It is know fact that children do have dreams of nightmares, which is work of their unconscious, and conscious mind. These dreams in turn culminate in to phobia, a well known and widespread phenomenon. Thus through these photographs Joshua Hoffine succeeded in visualizing the childhood fears. Indeed a creative masterpiece, very intelligent work, well thought and well implemented.

    Joshua Hoffine2
    Joshua Hoffine3
    Joshua Hoffine4
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