100 Fashion Photographs by Sebastian Faena

    Sebastian Faena

    Photographer Sebastian Faena was born in Buenos Aires in 1980. He made his powerful editorial debut in V magazine with a twenty-page story in 2008 and has since established himself in New York as a unique talent, distinctly capturing the top female faces in the industry today and producing striking work like the controversial series of Hot Nuns for Pop magazine teaming up with editor Katie Grand or the recent Footballers Wives for V magazine with Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele. His pictures often have a cinematic influence befitting his early background as a filmmaker. Sebastian released his first feature film, La Mujer Rota, in his native Buenos Aires in the Fall of 2007.

    Sebastian Faena3

    Sebastian Faena4

    Sebastian Faena5

    Sebastian Faena6

    Sebastian Faena7

    Sebastian Faena8

    Sebastian Faena9

    Sebastian Faena10

    Sebastian Faena11

    Sebastian Faena13

    Sebastian Faena12

    Sebastian Faena14

    Sebastian Faena15

    Sebastian Faena16

    Sebastian Faena17

    Sebastian Faena18

    Sebastian Faena19

    Sebastian Faena20

    Sebastian Faena21

    Sebastian Faena22

    Sebastian Faena23

    Sebastian Faena24

    Sebastian Faena25

    Sebastian Faena26

    Sebastian Faena27

    Sebastian Faena28

    Sebastian Faena29

    Sebastian Faena30

    Sebastian Faena31

    Sebastian Faena32

    Sebastian Faena33

    Sebastian Faena34

    Sebastian Faena35

    Sebastian Faena36

    Sebastian Faena38

    Sebastian Faena37

    Sebastian Faena39

    Sebastian Faena40

    Sebastian Faena41

    Sebastian Faena42

    Sebastian Faena43

    Sebastian Faena44

    Sebastian Faena45

    Sebastian Faena48

    Sebastian Faena49

    Sebastian Faena50

    Sebastian Faena51

    Sebastian Faena52

    Sebastian Faena53

    Sebastian Faena54

    Sebastian Faena55

    Sebastian Faena57

    Sebastian Faena59

    Sebastian Faena60

    Sebastian Faena61

    Sebastian Faena62

    Sebastian Faena64

    Sebastian Faena65

    Sebastian Faena66

    Sebastian Faena67

    Sebastian Faena68

    Sebastian Faena69

    Sebastian Faena70

    Sebastian Faena71

    Sebastian Faena72

    Sebastian Faena73

    Sebastian Faena74

    Sebastian Faena76

    Sebastian Faena77

    Sebastian Faena78

    Sebastian Faena79

    Sebastian Faena80

    Sebastian Faena81

    Sebastian Faena82

    Sebastian Faena83

    Sebastian Faena84

    Sebastian Faena85

    Sebastian Faena86

    Sebastian Faena87

    Sebastian Faena88

    Sebastian Faena89

    Sebastian Faena90

    Sebastian Faena91

    Sebastian Faena92

    Sebastian Faena93

    Sebastian Faena94

    Sebastian Faena95

    Sebastian Faena96

    Sebastian Faena97

    Sebastian Faena98

    Sebastian Faena99

    Sebastian Faena100

    Sebastian Faena101

    Sebastian Faena102

    Sebastian Faena104

    Sebastian Faena105

    Sebastian Faena107

    Sebastian Faena109

    Sebastian Faena110
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