PLAID fashion or PLAGUE in Winter

    It's been Obvious for having Plaids and bright checkers shirts and skirt for every winter. And i guess every person loves check and plaid and tartan as we do. Now, even big Fashion designer Labels and designers are loving this fashion too. So, this Fall 2011-2012 , I have came across using plaids and tartan by renowned designer in world wide.

     This fall/winter 2011-2012 seasonprepare to be defeated by the amazing detailed plaids that dominated thefashion scene. Check out the new hot and trendy ways to wear plaids this seasonso you can look hot and trendy from day to evening!
     Fashion designers are wild about tartan and plaid andthey are making a statement by resurrecting it into the fashion scene for thefall/winter 2011 season. Plaids have been coming and going for years and nowthey're back to enchant our eyes but with a little bit of a twist as fashiondesigners have increased their versatility by going bold with colors. 

    Nowadays plaids aren't stopping atjust shirts, they are used for everything from accessoriesto skirts, coats and trousers, so go bold and experiment. The fun and fiercedesign of the plaid takes towards a vintage, statement style that will mostdefinitely draw attention. Plaids have always expressed casualness, but itseems that designers have managed a way to make them a part of more elegantpieces such as dresses and skirt suits.
     The diversity of the plaid is amazing, so no wonder thatthis fall/winter season they are bringing the joy into fashion. Fun, fresh andflirty are only a few words that pop into our mind when thinking of plaids, somake the best out of your look this season with an all plaid of plaid accentoutfit.
    Designers have tried their best to make the plaids exude femininity andelegance and their efforts definitely paid-off as you can now dress them up ordress them down depending on the event you're attending.

    If you're feeling a little bit flirty, you can opt for a fewplaid accents on a monochrome outfit so that the entire outfit has a little bitof edge attached. Plaid accessories such as scarves, jackets, shoesor handbags can make a difference and give yourlook a boost of sophistication. If however you're ready to make a fashionstatement, go bold and opt for an all plaid outfit. Plaid detailed skirts,dresses, shirts, shorts and coats are hot and look amazing when put together,so experiment and make sure all eyes are on you.
    Plaids come in an array of wonderful hues nowadays, so go for nude, subtlecolored plaids, go trendy and classic with red and black colored plaids or gobold and opt for bright hues such as yellow, electric blue or lavender.

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