Lefistyle Photography by Amanda Marsalis

    Amanda Marsalis

    Amanda Marsalis shoots folks you’ve heard of for the likes of GQ and Glamour, then does big commercial shoots for giants like Visa and Adidas where they have to fly in million-dollar elephants and sets, then goes and gets pictures of old people for the cover of Newsweek. She has participated in Nymphoto shows in the past and has established a very successful commercial photography career. Her work exhibits a superior command of the use of light and her portraits intimately tell a story you want to listen to.

    Amanda Marsalis2
    Amanda Marsalis3
    Amanda Marsalis4
    Amanda Marsalis5
    Amanda Marsalis6
    Amanda Marsalis7
    Amanda Marsalis8
    Amanda Marsalis9
    Amanda Marsalis10
    Amanda Marsalis11
    Amanda Marsalis12
    Amanda Marsalis13
    Amanda Marsalis14
    Amanda Marsalis15
    Amanda Marsalis16
    Amanda Marsalis17
    Amanda Marsalis18
    Amanda Marsalis19
    Amanda Marsalis20
    Amanda Marsalis21
    Amanda Marsalis22
    Amanda Marsalis23
    Amanda Marsalis24
    Amanda Marsalis25
    Amanda Marsalis26
    Amanda Marsalis27
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