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    Lara Jade

    Lara Jade is an internationally acclaimed fashion, portrait and commercial photographer. Lara’s most compelling quality is the ability to colour her images with strong elements of romanticism, fantasy and a hint of darkness. Her unique style has defined her work since picking up her first camera at the age of fifteen, when she first started experimenting with self-portraiture and themes of fantasy which she continues to develop and refine today.

    At only seventeen Lara started her own business - Lara Jade Photography. Beginning by taking on small clients, she was soon able to demonstrate a strong understanding of how to develop the commercial side of her business to adequately deal with the high demand for her work. Lara’s momentum has continued to build, with industry leading brands and well known fashion and photography magazines worldwide.

    In addition to her commercial success, Lara also continues to be a source of inspiration for millions of other photographers and artists who follow her work across the social media scene. Lara is currently working worldwide and is represented by leading agencies in London, Milan & America. Lara has also been fortunate enough to receive a number of sponsorships, including Canon, Bowens Lighting, Broncolor, Lensbaby, Wacom, Datacolor, and is currently designing her own range of camera bags for US camera bag brand Naneu. Lara was also winner of the Public Choice Award at the 2009 AOP Open Awards. As well as working on her extensive clientele & personal work, Lara also tutors successful workshops worldwide, teaching fashion and beauty classes.
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