CREATIVE things happens !! no matter its Tyre Tube

    HOW Friendly  you can go with Environment ???? Do you really follow this concept in your daily life? But BARBI TOURON , Fibre Artist from PORTLAND do.As a blogger , i have always been updating myself on daily basis , about things happening around the globe, But i never get disappoint by finding nothing. I could never get more excited about the creating accessories out of bicycle Tyre tube.

    We have been watching laces work , crochet work and cut work but always with fabric and other interesting textile. But it Blown my mind away , when i saw intricate work on Tyre Tube .
    Despite their delicate appearance, Urban Lace's filigreed cuffs, necklaces, earrings, and masks (yes, masks) are cut from a material we don't usually associate with finery: bicycle tires. Handcrafted from defunct inner tubes, each piece cut and created as street style with feminine chic while taking the pressure off our overburdened landfills.

    The five-year-old label started out in a tiny garage, where designer Barbi Touron would cut inner tubes into crafty creations.By rescuing castoff tires from local bike shops, Urban Lace doesn’t just save them from dumpster purgatory. Given its origins,these Tyre tube jewelry is also waterproof and tough-as-nails. And, as we all know, black goes with everything. Tyre Tube jewelry gives complete gothic fashion look , which is prefect for any occasion.

     Barbi Touron ! hats off with your great and Amazing Eco-Friendly collection. You changes things round and round.  

    Image Courtesy : Barbi Touron   

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