Advertising Photography by Michael Meyersfeld

    Michael Meyersfeld

    Michael Meyersfeld, a versatile commercial photographer based in Johannesburg, South Africa, captures striking, sometimes jarringly unvarnished images on a broad spectrum of subjects. With support from his tight-knit studio team - photographic assistant, studio/production manager, studio assistant, and in-house retouchers who operate independently as The Touch Shop - the award-winning photographer many times over creates his signature images of people, food, cars, locations, and fine art work for a clientele composed primarily of advertising agencies based in his native South Africa and worldwide. A life-long Hasselblad shooter, Meyersfeld currently reaches for his H3DII-50 to capture his distinctive images.

    Image-making has always fascinated me. From the age of six, I was making black-and-white contacts from a Brownie camera in a cupboard under the stairwell at my home in Johannesburg. I also have a passion for fine art photography. I’ve exhibited and sold work to numerous collectors, including the Johannesburg Art Gallery.

    The longer I work in this field, the more enthusiastic I become. I have to admit to a great sense of excitement being in the world of digital photography and all that it encompasses.
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