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Kane-ing It Down a Flowerbed

    I always get a little uneasy when people say things like "I can't wait for your review!".  As if I'm equipped enough to 'review' a collection properly.  AS IF I have that sort of knowledge and know-how to pass judgement on someone else's work in a way that supposedly matters to a designer.  Nay, all I can muster is just another opinion and it doesn't matter a jot in the scheme of the fashion pecking order which I'm perfectly happy about.  
    I haven't talked in depth about Christopher Kane's work since his early neon lace basically because the Scot had me at fluoro pink lace combined with a chunky zipper, and really, I haven't looked back since, loving his output of work on some level or another.  I can't keep the trap shut though about his latest A/W 10-11 collection which seems to have divided opinion somewhat judging by some weets I've seen.  
    It's a pretty forward-gut feeling where word diarrhoea is compelled to come out.  I was jolted after the show and whilst purely on an aesthetic level, it all spoke to me - beautiful embroidery sitting on an unexpected background in all the right places - what I think hit me the most was how it resonated with my own sentiments about contrasts and notions of mixing and matching.  That, boxing me up into a niche is quite possibly the worse thing you could do and likewise, these flowers that on a piece of white muslin would look rather fey and twee, on a slick bit of PVC or a lean and taut leather dress, it all becomes a different story.  Kane's never been one to be boxed into an aesthetic of course, playing with disparate motifs each season but it seems with this A/W 10-11 collection, the message is even more forceful: "Don't run around resting on laurels and cliches!", or at least, that's the message that I'd like to think it came with.  The so-called new minimal movement may be coming in thick and fast thanks to Phoebe Philo at Celine but I'm grateful to those that will have the conviction to think that an embroidered dandelion on some black PVC could ever be a viable combination and as a result away runs away with it so much that it goes to a place that will divide opinion (though I guarantee, getting up close and personal with that embroidery will melt the hearts of naysayers).  It goes without saying that the whole collection has me beadily watching the bank account but that is of course the superfluous conclusion when at the core of it, what I'm really trying to say is that Kane's daring slapped me in the face as if to say "Don't fear, just enjoy my deranged flowerbed walk..."
    P.S. I very nearly hyper-ventilated when I was touching up the embroidered patent biker jacket above but I think I outdid my own methods of hyper-ventilation when I got a sneak peek of the Versus collection Christopher Kane (saw the Versace rehearsal too which is equally hot...) has done which will be presented this Sunday.  Obviously, no pics until then but it's a giant mass of hot potato and daaang, you just can't touch the hotness.

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Tsunade - Naruto shippuden Wallpaper

ASOS upcoming Africa Project

    >> I still have a TON of things to plough through and just to clarify, I'm not at New York Fashion Week for my blog so unfortunately, my no. 1 priority is here, not the blog.  I will be squeezing in as muchie as possible though.  First up, am I predictable or what?  I very nearly didn't walk into Suno's presentation at Mac x Milk studios on Saturday because I was rather pre-occupied with tacos and getting hold of Gary Graham who was presenting next door.  That said when no less than three people said to me "Suno is So You", and given my track record of being highly predictable with my taste factor, I took a gander...
    And... what do you know...
    ...Suno-Tastic.  Suno-Sunny-Delight.  Sassy-Suno... let's suggest some more shall we? 
    For some reason, their website does funny things to my ickle PC but I gather that Suno takes fabrics from Kenya artisans and imports them here to do all the design/development work.  I'm reminded of ASOS' upcoming Africa project which uses a small production unit in Kenya called Soko.  Except with Suno's pieces, plenty of effort has been put into the shapes and print mixing so that ethnic origins aren't the primary eye-catching point.  It's pretty much a smorgasbord of prints here that are ripe for intermixing.  I've learnt my lesson well and truly now.  No more fish tacos and yes, siree, you can read me like a blank sheet of paper.   

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    Collegiate: We’ll get to the Wellesley vibe of Tommy Hilfiger’s collection in a minute, but there was a whole other collegiate aspect to his show, the last ever at Bryant Park. It had a kind of riotous Kappa Alpha Theta party vibe complete with the giddy, celebratory, sing-along sorority atmosphere. If someone had produced a keg, I wouldn’t have been the least bit surprised. Meanwhile, Hilfiger had his mind on another high—his wader boots, which were worn with Hilfiger’s hip rewriting of the classics: a sleeveless bottle-green peacoat belted over a navy sweater and a khaki jacquard skirt.

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Off The Runways, On The Streets: The Real Stylish Models Of New York

    Everyone clearly has a different definition of what constitutes a classic, but I think we can all agree that that term applies to the ever beautiful and ever smart Stella Tennant , who walked the Calvin Klein show Thursday with some other greats—Kristen Mcmenemy, Kirsty Hume and Tanga, who hasn’t been around for years, but who looked sensational; thanks Francisco for bringing her back to where she belongs! Another idea of classicism from the last edit of photographerHanneli Mustaparta), who caught Frejaand Chanel Iman and Karmen(is it just me, or did her season in New York confirm her as a star?) before they dispersed to head to Europe. Pretty much each and everyone of them works a buckled, biker-like boot. As far as they’re concerned, that’s their kind of classic.

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Forever Young

    Fashion insiders have been whispering the name Raphael Young to each other for a few seasons now. No wonder—the Seoul-born, Paris-based shoe designer, who worked at Yves Saint Laurent prior to launching his eponymous label two years ago, creates elegant, futuristic footwear that inspires cultlike devotion. French devotees—and lucky international editors—can get their fill when Young’s collection of bags and shoes for Le Tanneur arrives in stores just in time for Paris fashion week. But New York is getting a dose of Young, too: He’s designed a special pair for Frank Tell’s Fall collection. It hits the runway tonight, and he’s giving a sneak preview.
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catchy OR style of fashion styling in couture fashion week 2010


Excuse me! Coming through

    I couldn’t resist a closer look at the extreme shoulders from the spring couture collections. I think the looks at Chanel and Gaultier are winners; not so wild, frankly, about the lumps & bumps at Givenchy. Still, it’s funny that there’s so much agreement. People will probably look for metaphors in armor and warfare. I’m just all for a good shoulder.
    A note to notdaisy0: Still laughing at your “Cats” reference to Pugh. Well said.
    After the Valentino show tonight, I went to Stella McCartney’s store-opening party in the Palais Royale. A steady stream of people: Daphne Guinness (in silver and feathers), Marianne Faithfull, Francois-Henri Pinault, Ines de la Fressange, Stefano Pilati. Stella had on a cute black dress. And, of course, her dad was there.

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Kids Sequins Shoes......Rocking

    Keds. What's not to like? Add sequins to the classic, and it's fashion gold. Alice + Olivia is teaming up with the iconic brand creating a fancier version of Keds’ classic Champion style. Available for $88 in four colors — black, silver, pale pink, and safari green — they will launch this Spring at select Neiman Marcus stores,, as well as at Alice + Olivia boutiques and

    A+O founder Stacey Bendet explains: “I don’t think I removed Keds from my feet as a kid. I can’t even count how many pairs I had. We decided to do a collaboration that would bring a little Alice + Olivia fun to the 2010 Keds Champion.” Super cute, enough said.
    Source: WWD

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GOOD Exposure!!!!

    Unless you're a pop star or a fame monster, you may decide to adopt this trend sparingly. But there's no doubt you'll be seeing exposed brassieres on more than just the office flirt this spring. It wasn't only longtime lingerie lovers like Dolce & Gabbana and Jean Paul Gaultier who got in on the action on the runways; also daring to bare were Antonio Berardi, Karl Lagerfeld at Fendi, and Nina Ricci's new man, Peter Copping.
    Christian Dior

    Antoni Beradi

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