Spring 2011 Men’s fashion

    Men’s fashion 2011

    Trussardi 1911
    Talk about a home-run hitter, Trussardi's is the most comprehensive. They mix the best trends with forwarding-thinking luxury fashion, while mixing in retro American style the whole way. The collection has something for every type of guy: the traditionalist, the prep, the rocker, the 'whatever category you put may find yourself in', there's atleast a couple pieces in Trussardi's spring collection that's for you. 
     Trussardi's Spring 2011 collection gives us proper elegant summer layers– shawl sweaters, a variety of jackets, swanky footwear, and bags (that don't look like purses).


    "From the Safari to the Polo match"
    Corenliani's Milan debut collection certainly asserts the Italian brand's position amongst other great designers. The beginning of this collection gives me flashes of classic Tarzan and a "proper" wealthy person's safari (in a good way) then progresses to give potential examples for other gentlemen activities– such as polo or perhaps croquet.

    There's this very easy elegance about the collection that keeps every look appealing; I think it's the loose tailoring– there's lots of triple-pleated trousers, roomy jackets, and relaxed knitwear. With an abundance of overall gentleman's versatility, Corenliani's offers pieces that can easily manifest into any gents spring wardrobe.

    "Ode to Suburbia"
    A direct ode to the casual lifestyle of 50s Americana suburbia– polos, gingham, vintage safari/beach vacation prints. This is a great collection

    "Classic Perfection"
    Canali is for grown men, it's just one of those labels that makes you very official– as far as being a well-dresses businessman goes anyway. This collection is full of suits that can be dressed up or down.

    Spring 2011 Trends: So far the trends are pretty obvious… we're still paying tribute to the 1900s– mainly 50s, 60s, 80s, and 90s. For all you guys that were never into the skinny stuff or are tired of the skinny stuff– smile, menswear is making subtle switches to looser pants. But skinny-lovers don't fret, it's just to give you guys more variety. 

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