We are handsome ! yes kinda a weird phase to use for women isn't it ???? But Indhra & Jeremy doesn't think that way . Australian Designer Duo Indhra Chagoury and Jeremy Jules Somer Creative and deep love towards fashion speaks differently. The idea was to create spellbinding works of art; what resulted was We Are Handsome. Born on the cusp of summer 2009, these colourful palettes of inspiration and finely shaped cuts recall the halcyonic, sun drenched days of old Brand growing Fast in pace. 

     They Says " We Are Handsome is the embodiment of Indhra and Jeremy and everyone else who has a love for 
    the beautiful things in life. Their desire to create, design and share perfection has understandably made them a hit with the world, but We Are Handsome still remains true to their roots."

    This Summer We are Handsome present The Aviary-a series of in-house custom designed prints, each one representing a mythical bird from one of the worlds ancient mythologies. From the Russian Sirin to the Thai Kinaree and beloved Greek Phoenix, this seasons designs represent all that is heavenly, mystical and beautiful.
    Each set of feathers is placement printed ( no repeat patterns) on each piece giving the wearer a sense of individuality & Vibrance and with the exuberant bringt colour palette and magnificent details,is sure to turn
    heads at the beach ,pool or nightclub.

    Their 2010 collection makes you remember !!! 
    Image Courtesy : www.wearehandsome.com
    MoniCa singh
    Source URL: http://bloomfineart.blogspot.com/2011/01/we-are-handsome.html
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